Friday, 11 October 2013

We're migrating!

Hi everyone! We've been a little irregular here, in part because we were trying to optimise our blog to make it a little more easy to maneuver, for both us and for you. And in part, because we were trying to revamp the look of our blog, to make it a little more 'us'. However, we weren't able to get what we were looking for here at Blogger, and so, with a heavy heart, we decided to pack up and move, kit and kaboodle, right now, before we have any more posts, and any more viewers!

So, please come visit us at our new home: Almost all of our old content is there, and we have such exciting things planned for the days to come. Do swing on over there, and change your settings so you can follow all our updates over at our new site. Tell us what you think!

Thanks for following us here, in spite of the recent irregularity. We look forward to picking up, right where we left off, over at Wordpress.